GDC 2019 Schedule

A photo of me in the mountains with an Official Speaker GDC 19 badge and the title You Can Take An Arrow To The Knee And Still Be An Adventurer

This is my first year as a solo speaker! Last year I was part of a panel for a Ubsioft sponsored session on the current state of Accessibility. This year I'm presenting the importance of (and how to do better at) disability representation @ 5.30pm on Tuesday!

I'm a fairly social person but I sort of panic in one-on-one environments due to my social anxieties around being autistic. I've scheduled a few meetings here and there amongst my busy schedule, but in case you're like me and one-on-one isn't really your forté I thought I'd share my wider schedule so we can get down with Hallway-Track and can chat before/after sessions or at socials.

This isn't an exhaustive list of sessions in my schedule, but it is is the key ones I hope to make it to. Roundtables especially can be really important for solidarity, community and learning. I of course have had to sacrifice SO many sessions to the dreaded packed schedule but such is life. I guess that's why there's the vault! If you see me around don't be afraid to stop me and say hi! My wheels make me pretty recognizable! Just no touching without warning please (:

If there's a social or session you think I've missed that I'd love let me know!

Whether I see you or not: Have an Amazing GDC!!!

My GDC Public Schedule

Monday 17th

(All @ Children’s Creativity Museum)

Tuesday 18th

Wednesday 19th

Thursday 20th

Friday 21st