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I never set out to become a public speaker but now I'm here I've discovered how fulfilling and powerful it can be to advocate and educate on accessibility, inclusion and diversity. My style is motivational/informational and usually steeped in sharing my personal and vulnerable stories.

I'm available to give presentations and speak on panels at conferences, universities, at studios and anywhere else that may be interested in learning and hearing diverse voices on games accessibility, disability, representation, inclusion and mental health. I especially enjoy presenting for games developers to help inspire, educate and make gaming better for everyone.

I usually require a small fee for speaking and travel costs, however I'm willing to waive fees or work with smaller budgets for emergent events/communities and independent studios, especially with a focus on diversity.

Recent, upcoming and favourite speaking events:

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You Can Take An Arrow To The Knee And Still Be An Adventurer

 >> GDC 2019 // 

Panelist, Accessibility in Games: Where We Are and Where to Next

 >> GDC 2018 // 

 A Fraught Love Letter to the Games Industry

 >> The Games Accessibility Conference, San Francisco // 

A Fraught Love Letter [Extended and Revised]

   >> Microsoft Disability in Games Bootcamp  //

   >> Warner Bros Studio, Montreal //

Panelist, Women in Gaming : When Art Imitates Reality

   >> The Coalition, Vancouver  //  

Moderator, Empower Us! Including Players with Mobility Disabilities

  >> The Games Accessibility Conference, Paris // 

I Took an Arrow To The Knee But I'm Still An Adeventurer

   >> The Games Accessibility Conference, Paris  //  

Panelist, The XBox Adaptive Controller: Designed With the Community

  >> PAX West 2018  // 

Panelist, Inclusive Gaming FTW: From the Hospital to the Home

  >> PAX West 2018 // 

Panelist, Accessibility: Empowering play

  >> Electronic Arts Vancouver //